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It's been a very long time since I posted anything. 2011-2013 were very difficult years. We've been blessed with additions of 3 grandsons but we've lost many loved ones during 2011-2013. Nonetheless, God chooses our paths and we trust his goodness and mercy.

I wanted to get back to posting new year's resolutions pertaining to my genealogy. It seems like there is always some serendipitous find after I post my goals to the universe. I love that! I fashioned my goal-setting from Amy Coffin's The We Tree Genealogy Blog at I did add one type of goal to her suggestions- a sharing goal.

In 2012, my genealogy goals are:
1. To learn more about my great-great-grandfather's family (Nicholas Wilhelm Reiter)(Research goal)
2. To blog consistently. (Writing goal)
3. To scan in at least some of my proof documents (B/M/D, census, etc)(Organizing goal)
4. To share some of the family history and research with relatives (Sharing goal)

Previous research goals have been met by the above-mentioned serendipitous finds. My previous writing and organizing goals have been hit-and-miss as far as completion. My sharing goals could be increased. So there you have it. Good luck with your own goals and I invite you to post them here.


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Nicholas REITER marries Sarah C. DAVIS

BACKGROUND: Nicholas REITER was born in 1825 in Germany. Sarah C. DAVIS was born in 1836 in Illinois. Together, they had seven known children- George, John, Rachel, Jennie, William (my ancestor), and a set of twins whose names I don’t know. Nicholas and Sarah are my great-great grandparents. Not much is known about Sarah Davis. She was born in Pike County, Illinois, and died there 34 years later. All the children were born there. She died about 6 years after the birth of her youngest known children (a set of twins who died as young children). There do not appear to be any disasters that happened in February, 1870, that might have taken Sarah’s life according to GenDisasters website, nor was I able to find information about there being any epidemics in that time period. There is no family oral tradition regarding the cause of her death either. After Sarah’s death, Nicholas moved to the panhandle of Oklahoma and finished raising his children with the help of family members. I have not found any evidence that he ever re-married after Sarah’s death. His grave is in Mooreland, Oklahoma.

DOCUMENTATION: A marriage record was located for Nicholas and Sarah. They were married in Pike County, Illinois on 16 August 1852 by Alphius Brown. The marriage license was acquired on 9 August 1852 and returned to the courthouse on 18 September 1852.

ON YOUR OWN: Now, you can have your own abstract copy of the marriage by clicking here. This is a PDF document. Once downloaded, you can skip down to page 38 of the document to find Nicholas and Sarah. Or you can do a name search after clicking here.

Alphius Brown (also spelled ‘Alpheus’) was a preacher for a while at the Christian Church in Perry, Illinois - the town where Sarah was born and died. A history of the Christian Church at Perry, Illinois, can be found at The CHENOWETH family is mentioned. Sarah’s mother was a CHENOWETH. I’m fairly certain that the James H. CHENOWETH listed is a relative of Sarah’s and the William CHENOWETH listed in James’ entry is possibly Sarah’s (and my) direct ancestor. There are CHENOWETH’s listed in other entries as well so don’t overlook them if you are interested in that family. Unfortunately, Nicholas and Sarah are not mentioned in this history. There is a Mary DAVIS JOHNSTON mentioned but it is unknown whether this is one of Sarah’s relatives or not.

This link lists a man I believe to be Sarah’s father, John F. DAVIS, as a Corporal in Company F, 99th Illinois Infantry in the Civil War (Union).

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Last year was a year of beginnings as you can read about in my December 31, 2011, blog post. If 2011 was a year of beginnings, 2012 was a year of endings. My second grandson nearly died on his third day of life. He spent 6 weeks in the hospital and we did not know if he would make it. God blessed us by giving my grandson life. But when my grandson was six months old, God chose to take my son’s life. It has been a difficult year to say the least. My graduation from OU with my Masters degree was bittersweet. That was a victory I was set to share with my son as his favorite football team was OU and I wanted him there to see me walk across the stage and receive my diploma at the ceremony in May, 2013. My time of traveling with my husband ended when I took a job in October.
All of these events factored into my sporadic blog posts and in a decrease in my genealogy time. So when it was time to write a New Year’s 2013 post I couldn’t even remember the goals I set for myself. Luckily, my goals still survived on the internet and I could go back and review them.

Goal number 1 was a research goal and I wanted to learn more about my great-grandmother’s family. I didn’t learn much other than that my great-grandmother’s mother had a child who died at a very young age. I posted about this child- Anna Hubbard- on the March 25, 2012, blog post. My family members read the blog post, called other family on the West Coast, and got back in touch with me with some information about Anna. I find it comforting to think that at least for a couple of more generations Anna will be remembered.

Goal number 2 was a writing goal to complete and publish a transcription of records local to my county. Shortly after beginning the project I found that the records had already been published. I had searched for them prior to beginning transcription and had not found any that were published. Fortunately, I made the discovery before a lot of work had been done so I abandoned that goal and project. That happened early in the year and I did not take up another writing project other than continuing updates on my blog.

Goal number 3 was an organizational goal and involved scanning in documents that I own in order to preserve them, share them in the future, and also to assist in organizing my records. I made little progress in this area but considering the difficulties faced during the year, I found it acceptable that at least I had transcribed a few records in my blog posts.

Goal number 4 was a sharing goal. I wanted to share family history and research with relatives. I met this goal through my blog, through passing on requested information to other relatives, and through sharing photographs with other family members. I also made a few contacts with new family members this year and I hope to maintain those contacts in the coming year, especially since one of those contacts was made with a family member on my great-grandmother’s side (the one I had hoped to make progress on in 2012).

A goal that was met but not specifically included in the 2011 goals was to make a break-through on my Gibson line. This line has been a brick wall for decades. I’m so happy to announce that I was finally able to make contact with another family researcher. This line was also a brick wall for her. The good news was that the information I had in my possession supplied her with what she needed and the information she had met my needs so we both were able to make a break-through on this line!

Now for the new 2013 goals:
1. To learn more about my Underwood family (Research goal)
2. To make significant progress (perhaps a first draft manuscript) in writing my family history book (Writing goal)
3. To begin scanning in my documents (Organization and Preservation goal)
4. To share some of my family history with others (Sharing goal)
5. To assist others in reaching their goals regardless of whether I get something out of it (Random Acts of Kindness goal)
6. To follow, for as long as I can,We Tree’s 52
Weeks to Better Genealogy
(Skills Improvement goal)

This is an increase in the number of goals set compared to last year but I still feel they are reasonable and can be met. I’m looking forward to maintaining this blog and adding information more frequently this year as part of my sharing goal.

Happy New Year to all!

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BACKGROUND: Ervin and Lavina (PILGRIM) DRAKE are my fourth-great grandparents. Ervin is Poppy Lonzo DRAKE's grandfather. Ervin was born in Kentucky in 1820 and Lavina was born in Indiana in 1822. Ervin and Lavina were married in 1839 in Indiana. Together they had nine children- Martha, Silas, Mary Ann (“Polly”), George Washington, Margaret, William(my ancestor), Nancy, Henry Arthur, and Jefferson.

In the fall of 1868 they owned eighty acres in Orange County, Indiana, which they sold to John J. CONDRA who was, at that time, still a bachelor (see the Deed Record transcription below). I have not found a relationship between the CONDRA and DRAKE or PILGRIM families beyond the sale of this property.

FAMILY LOCATION: The DRAKE family was enumerated in Orange County, Indiana, in the 1850 (in Jackson Township) and 1860 (in French Lick) federal censuses. Ervin's Civil War draft registration shows that the family resided in French Lick in July, 1863. Ervin's and Lavina's son, George, was married in Orange County, Indiana, in March, 1866. Their daughter, Mary, was married there in January, 1867. By 1870, the family was in Johnson County, Missouri, and included on the federal census there.

The Deed Record helps me place the family as being still in Orange County, Indiana, as of 19 September 1868 when they signed the deed. They sold the land just prior to moving to Missouri.

RECORD TRANSCRIPTION (NOTE:The deed is transcribed as closely as possible to the original. Capitalization and punctuation are exactly as shown in the document. Items that are underlined in this transcription mean that on the original document, that is where the information was put in by hand.) :


THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH That Ervin Drake and Viney Drake his wife of Orange COUNTY in the STATE of Indiana Convey and Warrant to John J. Condra of Orange COUNTY in the STATE of Indiana for the sum of Six hundred Dollars, the following REAL ESTATE in Orange COUNTY in the STATE of INDIANA, TO-WIT: The North half of the North East quarter of section nineteen in Township One North of Range One West in the District of Land Subject to Sell at Vincennes Indiana containing Eighty-acres.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The said Ervin Drake and Viney Drake his wife have hereunto set their hand and seal this 19 day of September 1868.

Attest: T.B. Cogswell
Ervin Drake his X mark
Viney Drake her X mark

Orange COUNTY. SS:

Before me T. B. Cogswell a Auditor in and for said County this 19th day of September 1868 personally appeared Ervin Drake and Viney Drake acknowledged the execution of the annexed Deed.

Witness my hand and Court seal this ____ day of ________ AD 18__. T. B. Cogswell Auditor OC.
Received the 5th day of October 1868 at 9 o’clock A.M.

I CERTIFY, That the Deed of which the above and foregoing is a true copy, was duly stamped, as provided by the Act of Congress, and Recorded on the 5 day of October, 1868, at 10 o’clock, A.M.

J. F. Pittman
Recorder of Orange County, Ind.


FURTHER RESEARCH: The DRAKE's sold the land just prior to moving to Missouri which would mean that a search of Johnson County, Missouri, records between the dates of 19 September 1868 (the date the couple signed the deed of sale) and 16 June 1870 (the date the family was enumerated on the census) may help me come closer to a specific date of their arrival in Missouri.

ON YOUR OWN: If you would like a better idea of approximately where this 80 acres was located, you can look at an atlas map of Indiana. Find French Lick, Indiana. The property is somewhere between the town of French Lick and Patoka Lake. I have come to this conclusion based on the fact that Moores Ridge Cemetery is located in the same Section, Township, and Range as was the 80-acre property owned by the DRAKE’s and it is located South of the town of French Lick, just East of Highway 145 and North of Lake Patoka. (Based on the various maps and atlases I’ve looked at, I think if you turn off Highway 145 and go directly East toward Youngs Creek you would be headed right for the property "as the crow flies".)

I was able to locate a 1920’s era Township/Range map of Orange County located at When you arrive at this link, scroll down until you find “Page 147” on the right side of the screen. Click “Page 147” and it will take you to the French Lick map. This map includes Ranges 1 and 2 West so you will have two Section 19’s. The one you are looking for is in the lower right corner of the map- the property marked as belonging to Ada Stultz at the time this map was created. This is the property that was owned by Ervin and Lavina DRAKE. I also used the map at this next link to help locate more precisely where the property was:

In about 2008, I was fortunate enough to travel to this area in Indiana. It’s very beautiful. It’s located within Hoosier National Forest. The French Lick - West Baden areas are now considered resort locations. If you’d like to learn more about the history of Orange County, Indiana, here is a good place to start:,_Indiana. Here is a link that tells about the railroad that ran through Orange County, Indiana: Here is a link to the website of the French Lick Resort/West Baden Springs Hotel: One additional source of information for the history of Orange County, Indiana, is here:

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My husband and I recently toured Flaming Gorge Dam in Utah. While I was walking through the interior workings of the dam, I was thinking about my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Ervin Alonzo DRAKE, his wife- Lavina (PILGRIM) DRAKE, and their 9 known children. In Ervin's Mexican-American War Pension records, Ervin states that he lived in Echo, Delaware County, Oklahoma in 1887 (NOTE: In the 1800's the area that is now Delaware County, OK, was still Indian Territory). You will not find Echo, Oklahoma, today. I became curious about this years ago and began doing research into the town of Echo. I went to the Grove (Oklahoma) Public Library. (There are only two genealogical collections in Delaware County, OK, and this one was my best shot at finding this specific information.)

I looked in a book called Oklahoma Place Names by George H. Shirk and what I discovered is that Echo was a now-defunct town sitting Northwest of Grove. I talked with the librarian (whose name I, unfortunately, can't remember) and she told me that Echo was covered with water when Grand Lake O' the Cherokees was created. She told me that if I were to go to the center of Sailboat bridge and face West, I would be look directly at the location that used to be Echo, Oklahoma. I decided to drive across Sailboat Bridge and do just that. Of course, all you see is water. I then decided to keep driving and get as close as I could to the location she described. What I discovered is that there is a place near Monkey Island (and near the location she described) called Echo Bay. I can only assume that this is very near where Echo used to be. I jokingly told my husband I wanted him to gear up and scuba dive down there to see if he could find my grandpa's house. Alas, he didn't do it.

Many of the graves in Echo (and other locations now covered in water) were re-located to local cemeteries around the Grove, OK, area. I have never found any information to indicate that Ervin or any of his family were among those relocated graves. In fact, the information I have for Ervin indicates he died in Coy, McDonald, MO, in 1900. Additionally, his new widow (second wife, Elizabeth J.) was censused in McDonald County, MO, in 1900. To my knowledge, neither his first wife nor any of his children died while living in the Echo area.

Our tour through Flaming Gorge Dam was interesting and filled with thoughts of my ancestors who lived in a location now forever linked with a dam. The building of a dam takes away from some to give to many. I am glad that our family did not lose anything in the building of Pensacola Dam and the filling of Grand Lake.

The Drake family reunion is coming up on July 28, 2012, in South West City, Missouri. The location is near enough that a drive to Echo Bay would be feasible. I encourage my family members to take a drive around the area of Echo Bay. The GPS coordinates are Latitude: 36.6278538 and Longitude: -94.864401 (courtesy of HometownLocator at You can find a map online at (also courtesy of HometownLocator). You can also get a satellite image of the area by going to Satellite Views' website at Enjoy your drive to see Echo Bay and I hope to see you all at the reunion.

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I am referring everyone today to another blog that I follow, Marian's Roots and Rambles by Marian Pierre-Louis. She blogged today about a very important change in's Terms of Service. Please follow the link and read Marian's blog:

~ Lisa, Days of Our Lives Genealogy Blog

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Mary Elizabeth LANE was my 3rd great grandmother through my paternal grandmother's line. The information I have about Mary is that she was born on 3 October 1853 in Ohio. In about 1867 or 1868 she married my 3rd great grandfather, Joseph L. LARKIN. Together they had 10 children. She died 3 June 1899 in McDowell, Barry, Missouri, USA. She attended the Christian Church in McDowell, Barry, Missouri, USA. Until a couple of days ago the only information I had about her burial was that she was buried overlooking the Old Mill in McDowell. My husband and I have been to McDowell and managed to find someone who gave us good enough directions that we were able to find the Old Mill. We were unable to find Mary's gravesite- or anyone else's- in that area.

This week, I was fortunate enough to get to spend one day at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. There I found an obituary for Mary which provided a little more information about her burial. The obituary reads as follows:

Died June 3, Mary E., wife of Joseph Larkin, age 46 years, 8 months, 6 days. Died at her home on Camp Bliss Hollow. Buried in graveyard near the McDowell Mills. Married at age 15 in Ohio to Joseph Larkin who, with 10 children, survive her.

(Information taken from Southwest Missouri Newspaper Abstracts, Vol. 18; specifically, the Cass Republican newspaper.)

The information gleaned from the obituary lets me know that she was married in 1868, not 1867. It gives me the location of her residence at the time of her death and tells me that she passed away there. It also tells me that there is a graveyard in the area of the Mill as opposed to a single grave or two which was what had previously been conveyed to me.

My research plan for Mary includes a second trip to McDowell, Barry, Missouri, USA. The information I gleaned from the obituary, along with other information I have found on the internet in regard to possible gravesites located in the Mill area, will be useful in making another attempt at locating the graveyard. I hope to also locate Camp Bliss Hollow. One of the things I was not able to do on the last trip was to locate the old Christian Church that Mary attended when she lived in McDowell. I would like to try finding the church again as well. Additionally, I hope to make at least one more trip to the FHL while I'm in Utah to locate as much additional information as I can about Mary and Joseph.

The only thing I hope I don't find again when I return to McDowell is that coiled up rattlesnake I almost stepped on! Good thing it was too cold for him to move or I would have been bitten!

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In researching my own family, I have delved into a sweet resource- school census records. At the end of last year, I stated that one of my goals for 2012 was to learn more about my great-grandmother's family, my great-grandmother being Edith Cleo (HUBBARD) DRAKE. So on this post today, I want to review a school census record that pertains to her father. Just for clarity, allow me a moment to introduce the "players" in today's post. My great-great-grandfather (father of Edith Cleo HUBBARD DRAKE) was Alford Allen HUBBARD. He was married to my great-great-grandmother, Laura A. BUTLER HUBBARD. My great-grandfather, Mark DRAKE, who was Edith HUBBARD DRAKE's husband, had a brother named Jess DRAKE and Jess was the census enumerator for this particular census record. Only two of my great-great-grandparents' children were enumerated in this record and they are Raymond HUBBARD and Deloris HUBBARD.

The record in question is my great-great-grandmother's entry from 1933 in the Scholastic School Census for Delaware County, Oklahoma. Their local school was Poynor School. In 1933 Poynor School was School District No. 77.

I am unable to post an image here on my blog, so here is an abstract of the record:

Page: 18
Name of Parent: Mrs. A. A. Hubbard
Post Office: SWC MO
Name of Township or Street: 23
Section or Street No.: 10
Name of Tribe: White

Name of Child: Raymond Hubbard
Color: W
Sex: Boy
Date of Birth- Month, Day, Year: May 16 1912
Age: 20
Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Feeble Minded, and Crippled (write which): X

Name of Child: Deloris Hubbard
Color: W
Sex: Girl
Date of Birth- Month, Day, Year: Aug 1 1919
Age: 13
Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Feeble Minded, and Crippled (write which): [blank]

[Text of oath is written on the record but not included here. "Mrs. A. A. Hubbard" signed the document as parent/guardian (in this case, I know her to be the parent)].

Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 19 day of January, 1933.

Jess Drake [signature] Enumerator

[End of abstract]

This record allows me to say certainly that my HUBBARD family was in Oklahoma on this particular date- 19 Jan 1933. Since I'm uncertain of exactly when they came to Oklahoma, this information is very helpful in placing them in a particular place at a particular time. In the previous and subsequent years' censuses, Alford HUBBARD was the one who talked with the enumerator and signed the census record. I am uncertain why Laura did it on this particular year.

From the record, I can see that although they resided in Oklahoma they received mail with a Missouri address ("SWC MO"). Because I grew up in this area I know that this makes sense. The area where they lived sits very close to the state lines of Oklahoma and Missouri. The abbreviation for the mailing city- "SWC MO"- stands for South West City, Missouri.

I have not had time to research this, but I believe that the address given- "23" and "10"- refer to Township and Range numbers. This should be easy enough to verify once I obtain a Township Range map for Delaware County, but for today I don't have access to that map.

In regard to Alford and Laura's children, I have knowledge of their having six children. As always I have to consider that there may be others of whom I am unaware. By 1933, most of the children were grown and had moved out of Alford and Laura's home. Their child, Anna, was close in age to Raymond and Deloris (who are shown in this school census record). Anna appears in the 1920 census with Alford and Laura and is only 5 months old at that time. Anna does not appear in the household in the 1930 census nor in this 1933 school census. She also does not appear in 1932 or 1934 school census records with the family. What little information I have about Anna indicates that she lived long after 1933. Unfortunately, that is verbal information from a now-deceased family member. It looks like a future point of research will be to find out what happened to Anna.

Another issue I noticed was that Raymond appears to have been marked as "deaf, dumb, blind, feeble minded, and crippled". To my knowledge, he was not. In the previous school census year, this column was not ticked off for him and in the subsequent year he was not listed on the school census at all. Perhaps this will be added to my research list in terms of information to learn about the family. I was told that he married a woman named Lillie THOMPSON. The only other thing I know about Raymond is that his first name was John and his middle name was Raymond.

Even though Alford and Laura's daughter Edith (my great-grandmother) is not listed on this school census record, I feel these records are still important and useful in learning about her family. I now have potential research goals of looking into whether Raymond was handicapped (if he really was "feeble minded", could there be court records?) and of finding out what happened to Edith's youngest sister, Anna. I know very little about the HUBBARD family and perhaps finding Anna will lead me to discoveries about the family that I might otherwise not make.

I'm looking forward to this future research and I thoroughly enjoyed digging around in Delaware County, Oklahoma's school census records. Many thanks to the women at Delaware County Courthouse for their patience and help. I hope this helps my fellow HUBBARD family researchers in some way and hope it encourages everyone to seek out school census records for their own families!

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At the end of last year I posted about my own personal genealogy for the year and goals for 2012. Who could have known how 2012 would start. And I must say- I'm glad I didn't know then how things would go for the first quarter of 2012. My grandson that was due in February was born with a heart defect. Thank God he is out of the hospital now, but he only just got out last week after spending all but 3 days of his life in a NICU unit. It's a miracle he is alive and we thank God for giving us more time with this little guy. We spent from February 5 through about March 12 at the hospital with my son and his wife and our grandson, except for a few days when we returned home to take care of other business that had been put off while we were at the hospital.

The great thing about life is that things always change. Our grandson was released from the hospital and we're now in Arizona- my husband working while I work on a class for my Masters degree and try to get in some genealogy research. While we were at the hospital I was able to access internet and spent a lot of time on Ancestry where I was able to connect with a distant relative who helped me get past one of my brick wall ancestors. There's nothing like finally making that break-through!

Now that we're back to a more normal routine, I'm hoping to get back to writing this blog and including actual data you can use in your own research. Good luck in your research and I hope you find something useful here on the blog.


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Some of the best parts of 2011 relate to my personal family history. At the beginning of 2011, my daughter had just gotten married and shortly thereafter my son married. Before the end of the year, my daughter had a son and my son's baby will be here in less than 2 months. I took a phenomenal trip to Massachusetts this year and was able to do research on several lines that I don't normally research. The end result of the trip was a Christmas gift to my parents which included a 20-page book I wrote about our family in Massachusetts.

This year I started blogging about the histories of families in my local area which promptly got derailed by my studies for my Masters degree. I started doing genealogy research on a professional level and am working toward professional certification. And, I started a very large transcription project which I hope will result in publication and be of benefit to those who research in my locale.

That's a lot of beginnings for one little year!

I took an idea from Amy Coffin's The We Tree Genealogy Blog at to set my goals for 2012. I did add one type of goal to her suggestions- a sharing goal. In 2012, my genealogy goals are:

1. To learn more about my great-grandmother's family (Edith Hubbard Drake)(Research goal)
2. To publish my current records transcription project (Writing goal)
3. To scan in at least some of my proof documents (B/M/D, census, etc)(Organizing goal)
4. To share some of the family history and research with relatives (Sharing goal)

I expect to do some traveling this year and hope to get in at least one good research trip as well. There are many things I'd like to do and there never seems to be enough time to do all I want. Hopefully having only four major goals this year will allow me to be successful.

Now if I could just pare down my personal goals...

Happy new year to all- may it be the best one yet!

~Lisa at Days of Our Lives Genealogy Blog

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